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Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Resources

Here are some links to curriculum resources and information for social studies teachers. Please take some time to explore the various links to the resources. If you have other helpful links you would like to see added to this page, please contact us.

ODE’s Social Studies Page

This page contains links to the model curriculum resources aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards for social studies. This page contains specific links to the grade specific social studies model curricula.

2018 Revised SS Standards Documents

Enhanced Model Curricula

The following links are documents created by the Summit County ESC which are enhanced versions of the social studies model curricula. These documents provide great insights into the various grade level content statements and instructional resources for the various grade levels. The high school course documents combine the model curriculum and test specs.

Teaching American History Lessons

This page contains links to several lessons for grades 4, 5, 8 and HS in American History. Many of the lessons are aligned to the content statements of the Ohio SS standards.

Annenberg Interactives

This is a collection of social studies interactive activities. Explore the numerous resources at this site.

Social Studies Resource Page

This page has several resources and links to pages that contain many helpful resources. The links below are direct links to grade level pages. Click the grade you would like to explore.

Columbus City Schools Resources

Columbus City Schools has some great resources that can help social studies teachers to plan and prepare their instruction. Click the grade level link to the right side of the window to view specific instructional resources. To view specifici SS assessment resources from Columbus City Schools, CLICK HERE.

6th Grade SS Resource Site

This site contains resources aligned to North Carolina 6th grade SS. However, many of the resources align to Ohio’s 6th grade SS standards. Check out the wealth of these resources.

Grades 3-6 SS Interactives

This site has several interactive social studies activities addressing several topics. The site is from Utah, so grades and topic alignment may not match Ohio. Choose by topic that aligns to your standards.

Interactive Story Games

A great interactive way to learn about history. This site has several interactive, scenario stories where students learn about various time periods and people.

SS Interactive Games

This site has several interactive games that address many topics in social studies.  Click HERE for more interactive SS games.

Online Social Studies Resources

This site has many links to resources addressing many topics. Explore by clicking the sticky notes on the page.

North Carolina Civic Education Resources

This site has a database that contains many lesson that are useful fro teaching civics and other topics. Check out and search this database.


Web-based education project designed to teach students civics and inspire them to be active participants in U.S. democracy. iCivics teaches students how government works by having them experience it directly.

Landmark Cases

This site has resources for teaching many landmark cases from the Supreme Court.  The resources contain summaries and lesson resources.