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July 1, 2014


Last Revised

September 26, 2019




The School Educational Service Center’s public records are available for public inspection and/or copying in accordance with State law.


Designation of Officers


The CFO shall be the Center Records Officer (CRO).




“Public record” includes any document, device, or item, regardless of physical form or characteristic, including an electronic record, created or received by or coming under the jurisdiction of the Board or its employees, which serves to document the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the Center.


“Public record” does not mean any of the following: medical records; documents containing genetic information; trial preparation records; confidential law enforcement investigatory records; and other records the release of which is prohibited by State or Federal law, including, but not limited to, student personally identifiable information and student directory information when the student’s parents have affirmatively withdrawn consent for release of it in writing.


“Electronic record” includes any record having been created, generated, sent, communicated, received, or stored by electronic means.


“Redaction” means obscuring or deleting any information that is exempt from public inspection or copying from an item that otherwise meets the definition of a “public record”.


Location and Time


Public records are to be available for inspection during regular business hours, with the exception of published holidays. The Center shall organize and maintain public records in a manner such that they are promptly made available for inspection or copying. “Prompt” and “reasonable” take into account the volume of records requested, the proximity of the location where the records are stored, and the necessity for any legal review of the records requested. No record shall be removed from such a location. A member of the staff must be present throughout the inspection and copying of such records.


While requests to inspect and/or obtain copies of records are best made in person, telephone and written requests are permitted.


While the Center is responsible for promptly preparing and making available public records, State law does not require the Center to provide additional information that may be related to a record but is not part of a record. In addition, the Center is not required to create a new record to respond to a public request for information if no public record is available that is responsive to the request or to respond to requests for information when the information requested is not contained in a public record.


While personnel files contain public records, some specific information and/or records contained in such files may be confidential and not subject to disclosure (see AG 8320).




The following procedures shall be followed in connection with requests to inspect and secure copies of School Center’s public records:


Requests to inspect and/or obtain copies of public records shall be submitted to the Treasurer/CFO. A public records request must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the Center to identify, retrieve, and review the records. If it is not clear what records are being sought, the DRO shall contact the requester for clarification.


Individuals requesting to inspect and/or obtain copies of public records do not have to put records requests in writing and do not have to provide his/her identity or the intended use of the requested public record(s).


The Center may ask that the requester’s identity and the reason the information is sought to be in writing. The Center, however, must first inform the requester that such disclosure is not mandatory unless the request is for student directory information. The Center must also inform the requester that providing such information in writing enhances the Center’s ability to identify, locate, and/or deliver the records sought. The Center may ask that records requests be put in writing, but must also notify the requester that it is not mandatory to do so.


Each request shall be evaluated for an estimated length of time required to gather the records. Routine requests for records should be satisfied immediately if feasible to do so. Routine requests include, but are not limited to, meeting minutes (both draft and final form), budgets, salary information, forms and applications, personnel roster, etc. If fewer than twenty (20) pages of copy are requested or if the records are readily available in an electronic format that can be e-mailed or downloaded easily, these should be made as quickly as the equipment allows.


All requests for public records must either be satisfied (as above) or be acknowledged in writing by the DRO promptly following the Center’s receipt of the request. If the request for records was in writing, the acknowledgment shall also be in writing.


If a request is deemed significantly beyond “routine” (such as seeking a large volume/number of copies or requiring extensive research), the acknowledgment must include the following:


  1. an estimated number of business days necessary to satisfy the request


  1. an estimated cost if copies are requested


  1. any items within the request that may be exempt from disclosure and the reason for such exemption, including legal authority


With respect to public records that are determined to be available, the CFO/Superintendent will direct the requester to the place where the requested records may be inspected and will arrange for the preparation and certification of copies upon tender of any required fee.


Any denial of public records requested must include an explanation, including legal authority. If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt, the exempt portions are to be redacted and the rest released. If there are redactions, each redaction must be accompanied by a supporting explanation, including legal authority.


With respect to records that are determined not to be available, the CFO/Superintendent will notify the requester of the same, noting the reason for unavailability on the request form if one is submitted, and return one (1) copy of the form to the requestor. The CFO/Superintendent shall also notify the requester of the estimated time necessary to process and fulfill the request, make arrangements with the requester for delivery of the requested records, and arrange a method of communication between the requester and the School Center in the event that further information is needed by the Center to fulfill the request.




Upon request, copies of public records will be provided at the actual cost of making copies:


  1. The charge for paper copies is based on Board approved copy rates.


  1. There is no charge for documents e-mailed.


A person who requests a copy of a public record may choose to have that record sent to him/her by United States mail or by other means of delivery or transmission provided the person making the request pays in advance for said record as well as the costs for postage and mailing supplies.


Electronic Mail


Documents in electronic mail format are records as defined by the Ohio Revised Code when their content relates to the business of the Center (i.e., they serve to document the organization, functions, policies, decision, procedures, operations, or other activities of the Center). E-mail shall be treated in the same fashion as records in other formats and shall follow the same retention schedule.


Records in private e-mail accounts are subject to disclosure if their content relates to public business, and all employees or representatives of the Center are responsible for retaining e-mails that meet the definition of public records and copying them to their District e-mail account(s) and/or to the records custodian.


The records custodian shall treat such e-mail/records from private accounts as records of the Center. These records shall be filed appropriately, retained in accordance with the established schedules, and made available for inspection and copying in accordance with the Public Records Act.


Private e-mail, electronic documents, and documents (“private records”) that do not serve to document the District’s organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities are not public records. Although private records do not fall under Policy 8315 – “Public Records” or this guideline, they may fall under Policy 8315 – “Information Management” or AG 8315 – “Litigation Hold Procedure”.




The Center Records Commission is responsible for completing an “Application for One-time Disposal of Obsolete Records” Form RC- 1, and for developing the Center’s “Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition – Form RC-2” Both forms must be submitted to and approved by the Ohio History Connection and the State Auditor. Subsequent revisions to the RC-2 Form must also be approved using this same process.


To facilitate the development, updating and/or revision of the Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition, the Center Records Commission shall utilize the following guidelines recommended by the State Auditor’s office.




(Please Note: The State Archives retains RC-2 forms permanently. It is strongly recommended that the Records Commission retain a permanent copy of this form.)


This schedule lists records commonly created by school centers, educational service centers, and career technical schools. The retention periods specified herein are either required by statute or have been determined by best practice. Local Records Commissions may edit retention periods based on the administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value of the records.


The local school center, education service center, or career technical school should also notate the media type of the records on the schedule in column 4. The records can be maintained on separate formats (i.e. paper and electronic) for different amounts of time.


Permanent records existing solely in electronic format may become inaccessible through media decay and/or hardware/software obsolescence. The Ohio History Connection recommends that digital records with greater than a ten (10) year retention period also be maintained in either paper or microfilm formats.


Records may not be disposed of until all audits are released and audit discrepancies have been settled. Where a lawsuit or agency proceeding is pending, a legal hold on relevant records is required. Records shall be retained until the legal hold has been removed.


ELECTRONIC MAIL (e-mail) is a format on which records are sent, received and/or drafted using electronic mailing systems. E-mail is NOT a record series. Instead, each individual e-mail should be evaluated according to its content and retained in accordance with the record series adopted within this schedule that the content most closely fits.


Before this records retention schedule is considered in effect for a particular school center it must first be signed by a local responsible official and local records commission chair, the State Archives, and the State Auditor’s Office.


SCH. # Record Series and Description Retention Period Media Type For use by Auditor of State or LGRP RC-3 Required by LGRP
  Board and Administrative Records
101 Minutes – Official copy of proceedings of regular and special meetings Permanent  paper &digital       x
103 Board Meeting Notes – Notes taken during Open Board Meetings used to formulate the minutes One (1) year paper    
104 Agendas – Written outlines of material to be discussed at the Governing Board meetings One (1) calendar year provided audited  paper    
105 Board Meeting Packets – Packets prepared for board members. May include agendas, copies of reports and informational handouts. Retain until minutes transcribed and approved  paper    
109 Board Policy Books and Other Adopted Policies – Governing rules adopted and maintained  by Governing Board defining expectations or position on a particular matter and authorizing appropriate action to be taken to establish and maintain those expectations One (1) year after superseded digital    
110 Administrative Regulations – Adoption of the school policy manual which outlines, and describes the means by which a policy should be implemented providing for the management of planning, action, and assessment or evaluation. One (1) year after superseded  paper    
113 Administration of Federal and Stated Categorical Grant Programs – Records relating to the administration of federal and state categorical grant-funded programs.  Records may include, but are not limited to:  Center or school-wide notification/information distributed to parents/legal guardians/students about education opportunities and services; student information (names/eligibility lists, copies of test scores, etc.; staff information (copies of employment applications, payroll/stubs, etc.; budget, inventory of equipment, legal reports, pre-and post-test data, comparability reports, evaluations; promotion of parent/family involvement (Title 1 parent advisory councils, coordination with other school-based programs and services, etc.) Retain until completion of State Auditor’s examination report or retain for period required by grant or program, whichever is later, then destroy  paper &digital    






114 Boundary Records – Official legal description of school center boundaries, educational service center boundaries, or director center boundaries Permanent  paper        x
116 Historical Records, Materials and Artifacts that should be retained for  Commemorative Events and Displays – Records documenting events or milestones of individual schools, school centers and educational service centers, where these events are not documented in other records (such as board minutes, transcripts, etc.) Including but not limited to award lists, baccalaureate and commencement programs, cumulative class rankings, diploma order lists, final grade point summaries, honor roll lists, graduating class history files, student newspapers, yearbooks/annuals. Permanent  paper        x
117 Monthly Administrative Reports & Supporting Documentation – Reports submitted monthly by administrators and supervisors on current activity in Center associated with Board Agenda One (1) calendar year  paper    
119 Records Retention and Disposition Forms – Records, also called RC-1, RC-2, and RC-3 forms, and other locally developed forms documenting the retention and disposition of the records of an office Permanent  paper    
122 Workers Compensation Claims – Claims filed by employees due to on the job injury Ten (10) years after financial payment made  paper &digital    
123 Bank Depository Agreements – An agreement between a bank and the center where the bank provides a guaranteed rate of return in exchange for keeping a deposit for a fixed amount of time Four (4) years after completion  paper    
126 Adopted Special Education Program – A record of programs provided to children with disabilities identified in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.  These programs satisfy the requirements of Ohio Educational Agencies Serving Children with Disabilities (Ohio’s Operating Standards”) Until superseded  paper    
127 Adopted Special Programs – Record of programs made available to the students to enhance their education through a variety of appropriate co-curricular and extra-curricular activities Until superseded  paper    
128 Photo/Media Release – External Usage – Records documenting permission for non-school entities (such as television/radio stations, newspapers, school photographers, etc.) to use student images.  Student images include, but are not limited to, photos, video and audio recordings. Retain for six (6) years after end of school year  paper    
129 Photo/Media Release – Denial of permission.  Records documenting parent/legal guardian denial of permission for the school/center to use student images recorded during official school activities/events.  Includes opting-out. Retain until end of school year or until superseded, whichever is later, then destroy.  paper    
130 Photo/Media Release – School Center Usage – Records documenting permission for the school/center to use student images recorded during official school activities/events, by staff or students in an official capacity (e.g. school newspaper, annual staff, etc.) Includes annual student identification/class pictures taken by school-contracted photographer.  Student images include, but are not limited to, photos, video, and audio recordings. Retain for six (6) years after image/recording no longer being used, then destroy. paper    
131 Public Record Requests – Requests for records & documentation that requests were fulfilled Two (2) years  paper    
132 Organizational Memberships Until superseded  paper    
133 Visitor Log One (1) school year  paper    
134 Before and After School Child Care (Latchkey) Sign In/Out Sheets Two (2) years  paper    
135 Before and After School Child Care (Latchkey)Receipts & Weekly Reports Receipts & detail information to back-up Treasurer receipts Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
136 Before and After School Child Care (Latchkey) Registration Forms Two (2) years  paper    
137 Child Care License – Copy of Child Care license issued by ODE, required for outside school hours sites.  Not required for after school at-risk sites. Three (3) years plus current year provided audited  paper    
  Employee Records
201 Personnel Files (Short-Term Retention) – Documentation of the history and status of the employment relationship with an individual employee (classified, certified, active, and inactive). Includes substitute teachers, coaches, and advisors. Records may include: employment applications, performance evaluations, grievances, employment verifications, accident report(s), payroll change sheets, PERS information, exit interview, disciplinary action(s), waiver(s). Purge and destroy seven (7) years after employment termination   paper &digital    
202 Personnel Files (Long-Term Retention) – Documentation of the history and status of the status of the employment relationship with an individual employee. Includes substitute teachers, coaches, and advisors. Records  include:  service time, salary history, leaves balances, taxes paid, resignation or retirement letter, retirement information, and waivers Seventy-five (75) years after employment termination.   paper &digital    
203 Employee Discipline Records – Records of a series of disciplinary actions leading to improvement of performance or termination from employment Seven (7) years after termination of employment or case closed, whichever is later, or in accordance with collective contract  paper &digital    
204 Comp Time Cards – Accumulated and used comp time cards Two (2) fiscal years  paper    
205 Drug Test Records –  Includes random pool eligibility lists of employees eligible to have random drug screen and drug screening results Five (5) years  paper &digital    
206 Teacher Lesson Plan Books End of current school year or until superseded  paper    
207 Employee Contracts – Written agreement between the Center and the employee Four (4) years after termination  paper &digital    
209 Irregular Employee Contracts – Written agreement between the Center and substitutes and other irregular employees benefits Four (4) years after contract expires  paper &digital    
210 Unemployment Claims – Invoice maintained by Human Resources for the payment of unemployment claims approved or denied Five (5) years provided audited  paper    
211 Unemployment Records – Documentation of unemployment records Five (5) years   paper &digital    
212 Applications (not hired) – Applications submitted of individuals not hired into the Center Two (2) years provided audited  paper    
213 Schedules of Employees Fiscal year plus two (2) years  paper    
215 I-9 Immigration Form – Form I-9 “Employment and Eligibility Verification” for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the United States. Per Department of Homeland Security regulation 8 CFR 274a.2. Three (3) years after date of hire or one (1) year after termination, whichever is later   paper &digital    
216 Job Descriptions – Description of expectations and responsibilities of each job Retain until superseded or obsolete paper    
217 Job Postings – Records documenting the posting and advertisement of employment positions, including, but not limited to, job descriptions, job requirements, application deadline, personnel requisition and compensation range. Two (2) years paper    
218 LPDC (Local Professional Development Committee) Licensure Records and Staff Summary Reports Until superseded  paper    
219 LPDC (Local Professional Development Committee) Meeting Minutes Ten (10) years  paper    
220 Staff Acceptable Use Policy – A Form signed by staff agreeing to use the Center network responsibly for Center related work Six (6) years  paper    
221 Staff Profile – Listing including current position, licensure, degree, retirement credit, and contract information Five (5) years  paper    
223 Teachers Certificates and Temporary Professional Education Permits Six (6) years after end of fiscal year, then destroy paper    
224 Employee Handbooks – Handbooks that each employee receives upon being hired Until superseded paper    
225 Physician’s Report of Work Ability – Physicians report of ability/restrictions for injured employees Seven (7) years   paper &digital    
  Student Records
  Student Records – (Long-Term)
301 Student Information– Record of student’s name, address, telephone number, grades, attendance record, classes attended, grade level completed, and year completed Permanent  paper &digital    
302 Grades/Transcripts – Reports of subjects studied and individual student grades.  Retain final grade card each year and final high school transcript.  If student withdraws, retain all transcripts Seventy-five (75) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer  paper &digital    
303 Individual State Test Results – IOWA, COGAT, OAT, OAA, OGT, OTELA, PSAT, ACT, SAT, PLAN, EXPLORE, OPT, ASVAB, TERRA NOVA, LAS, DIAL, KRA-L, IQ – achievement ability tests Seventy-five (75) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer  paper &digital    
304 Foreign Exchange Records – Records of students from foreign countries Seventy-five (75) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer  paper &digital    
305 Home Schooled Records – Records of students living within the Center that are being schooled from home Seventy-five (75) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer  paper &digital    
  Student Records- (Short-Term)
306 Registration/Withdrawal Information – Record of each time a student registers or withdraws within the Center Six (6) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer paper    
309 Discipline Records – Record of discipline that a student has received including Saturday school, suspensions, and expulsions. Record includes notices to parents. Six (6) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer   paper &digital    
310 Intervention Records – Intervention Assistance Team notes listing all of the interventions that were tried with a student to help improve academic achievement which may or may not lead to a referral for special education testing.  Includes functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans Six (6) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer  paper &digital    
311 Bullying/Harassment Forms – Documentation of bullying/harassment incidents within the Center, along with action taken Six (6) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer paper    
312 Gifted and Talented Student Records – Student folders including but not limited to application or offer for participation, testing or eligibility determination records, progress reports, product assessment, samples of student’s works, notes, and correspondence. Six (6) years after graduation, withdrawal, or transfer paper    
313 Attendance/Absence Records – Record of student attendance/absence including daily office call sheets, sign-in sheets, and doctor & parent’s notes One (1) year paper    
314 Cumulative Photo Records One (1) year after graduation paper    
316 Parent/Legal Guardian Permission Slips for Internet Access and Film Viewing Retain until end of school year, then destroy  paper    
317 Student Acceptable Use Policy – A form signed by parents permitting student online access, student information to be used in the media as well as parent/teacher email communication Six (6) years  paper    
323 Custody Court Documents – Verification of court established guardianship/custody Until superseded or student reaches 18 years of age paper    
324 Notice of Placement Termination – A notice of termination of placement relinquishing care and control, noticed received from the County Juvenile Court Five (5) years  paper    
325 Child Abuse/Neglect Referral Letters – Records related to suspected child abuse as reported to Child Protective Services or to the proper law enforcement agency – includes reports, confirmation of submission, correspondence, inquiries, records documenting revisions/corrections, etc. Through graduation   paper &digital    
326 Teacher Grade Books/Records Three (3) years provided audited paper    
327 Pre-School Screening Profile – ASQ/SE, GGG assessment record.  A screening profile used for pre-school students Three (3) years paper    
331 Health/Medical Records – Student visual and hearing screening and immunization records.  Also includes record of health screenings such as audio/visual, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and physician instructions Ten (10) years after last contact paper    
  Special Needs Records


In accordance with OAC 3301-51-04 and 34 CFR 300.624, parents should be informed when personally identifiable information collected, maintained or used under OAC 3301-51-04 is no longer needed to provide educational services to the child.  This information must also be destroyed at the request of the parent with the exception of information described in item 301.  These records may be needed beyond the retention period in connection with applications for social security or other benefits.  However, unnecessarily long retention may jeopardize personal privacy.

335 Psychological Records (Restricted) – Records that document all students who are provided counseling, psychological services by the school’s counseling center. Clinicians provide treatment concerning personal problems, academic concerns, and career concerns. Records may include extensive notes made by providers concerning the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and contacts (written, telephone, or in person) with each student; referral letters; release of medical records; letters to agencies or others concerning the students; and other related material Retain ten (10) years after last contact.  Inform parent or adult student before destruction pursuant to OAC-3301-51-04 (O) (1)  paper &digital    
336 Evaluation Team Report (ETR) –  A report that is developed after a series of assessments given by the school psychologist and others to determine whether or not the student has a disability Retain six (6) years after student graduates or would have normally graduated.  Inform parent or adult student before destruction pursuant to OAC-3301-51-04 (O) (1)   paper &digital    
337 Individual Education Plan (IEP) –  A legal binding document that lists goals/objectives and related services that  the student will receive throughout the calendar year based on the assessment results of the ETR (Evaluation Team Report) Retain six (6) years after student graduates or would have normally graduated.  Inform parent or adult student before destruction pursuant to OAC-3301-51-04 (O) (1)   paper &digital    
338 504/ADA Plan – Plan that allows various accommodations for a student with a general disability Retain six (6) years after student graduates or would have normally graduated.  Inform parent or adult student before destruction pursuant to OAC-3301-51-04 (O) (1)   paper &digital    
339 Home Instruction (HI) – Records that identify students that are on home instruction due to medical or severe behavioral needs.  These records include lesson plans, progress reports, grades and timesheets of the tutor that worked with the student Retain for six (6) years after student graduates or withdraws from the center, then destroy.  paper    
340 Transfer of Home-Based Student to School/Center – Records relating to the transfer of home-based student to school/center, including placement/ evaluation test results, notice of transfer, etc. Retain for three (3) years after student graduates or withdraws from center, then destroy. paper    
341 Special Needs Records (Student not Eligible) – Referrals, evaluations, evaluation reports, and notices for students determined not to be eligible for the special education program Retain for five (5) years after student determined to be ineligible then destroy.   paper &digital    
  Building Records
402 E-Rate Funding Application – Federal Telecommunications funding applications Six (6) years  paper &digital    
409 Student Activity Records – Pay in forms, pay-out forms; account forms/Dist.; budget forms, requisitions; purchase order; ticket sales reports Two (2) years paper    
  Central Department Records
  Administrative Offices
501 School Calendars – Calendar for in session/out of session school days as well as professional days for teachers Five (5) years paper    
502 Personnel Directory – Names, phone numbers and addresses of all employees Ten (10) years  paper    
505 Building/Facilities  and Equipment Inventory – Inventory of equipment owned by Center Until superseded provided audited  paper    
507 Prevailing Wage Records – Report of hourly wages, benefits and overtime, established by regulatory agencies  for each trade and occupation employed in the performance of public work Four (4) years provided audited paper    
508 Rental Information – Records regarding facilities usage: building permits submitted to use facilities by school or community individuals, athletic teams or groups Two (2) years provided audited  paper    
511 Vandalism Reports – Reports of vandalism throughout the Center Four (4) years provided audited paper    
513 Sales Potential Form (Student Activities) Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
515 Bids and Specifications (Unsuccessful) – Documentation of bids supplied by vendors for any project requesting bids in compliance with ORC One (1) year provided audited paper    
516 Bids and Specifications (Successful) – Documentation of bids supplied by vendors awarded any project requesting bids in compliance with ORC Four (4) years after completion of project  paper    
517 Contractor Files – Contractor resolutions, additions drawings, etc. Five (5) years after completion of project provided audited and no action pending  paper    
  Transportation Department
518 Driver Physical – A report of the annual physical performed on drivers Six (6) years (See OAC 3301-83-07-E-7) paper    
521 Transportation Records – Transportation requests received from schools that include student and busing information Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
522 Field Trip Forms/Volunteer Driver Forms – Forms from building requesting busing for field trips Fiscal year plus two (2) years paper    
523 Preventive Maintenance Reports – A report of work performed to maintain equipment Fiscal years plus two (2) years paper    
524 Warranty/Guarantee – Warranty of equipment Life of equipment  paper    
525 Plant and Equipment Inventory Until superseded provided audited  paper    
526 Vendor Data: W-9 & 1099 documents maintained as long as active vendor then retention period is applied. Six (6) years & current provided audited  paper    
527 Accident Reports  – Law enforcement reports regarding bus accidents Three (3) years provided no action pending  paper    
528 Vehicle Registration – Certificates of title and registration paperwork from the BMV for cars, vans, trucks, and buses. Life of vehicle  paper    
529 Vehicle License – BMV licensing documentation of motor vehicles One (1) year after termination  paper    
530 Vehicle Records – Vehicle insurance, finance paperwork As long as vehicle is owned by Center  paper    
531 Driver Certification – Bus driver certification form One (1) year after termination paper    
  Financial Records
601 Audit Reports – Past management evaluation reports, monthly claim documentation, master lists, and income eligibility applications Three (3) years plus current year provided audited  paper    
602 Annual Financial Reports – Financial reports prepared from the accounting system that can be reproduced from the computer records.  This includes:  Annual Ledgers, Budget Ledgers, Vendor Listing, Check Register, Invoice List, Purchase Order Listing, Accounts Reports, Financial Summary and Detail Reports Five (5) years provided audited paper    
606 Investment Ledger – Report of investments owned by Center Five (5) years provided audited  paper &digital    
607 Foundation Distribution – Report from the Ohio Dept. of Education for bi-monthly foundation (state basic aid) receipts Five (5) years provided audited   paper &digital    
609 Budgets (Annual) – Tax budget that is submitted annually to the County Auditor Five (5) years provided audited  paper &digital    
610 Budget Working Papers Five (5) years provided audited  paper    
611 Insurance Policies – Contracts between insurer and the School Center where the insurer, in exchange for premium payment, pays for damages to the School Center which are caused by covered perils under the policy language. Fifteen (15) years after expiration provided all claims settled   paper &digital    
612 Contracts – An agreement with specific terms between an entity with the School Center Fifteen (15) years after expiration  paper &digital    
614 Accounts Payable Ledger – Outstanding payables Five (5) years provided audited  paper    
615 Accounts Receivable Ledgers – Outstanding revenue due to the school center Five (5) years provided audited paper    
616 Vouchers, Invoices and purchase orders – A voucher is a documentary record of a business transaction (i.e. check or invoice). A purchase order is a document itemizing products/services to be purchased from a vendor.  Serves as a contract. Ten (10) years provided audited.  ORC 3313.29. paper    
618 Federal Programs – Title I (Student Progress Reports), II, III, IV-B, IDEA, IV-C, VI-B, Chapter 1, 2; Drug-Free, etc. Ten (10) years provided audited  paper &digital    
619 Travel Expense Vouchers – Document of expenditures for travel of center employees Ten (10) years provided audited  paper    
622 Unemployment Claims – Documentation of unemployment for application of unemployment benefits Five (5) years  paper    
623 Employee Bonds, Board Member Bonds – Documents related to the performance and theft insurance bidder held on required employee and board members Five (5) years  paper    
625 Appropriation Resolutions – Resolution approved by the Governing Board establishing and amending the appropriation for the Center Five (5) years  paper    
627 Canceled Checks and Bank Settlements – All checking accounts reconciliation and statements Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
628 Publication Notice – Legal notice of publication in the newspaper Four (4) years  paper    
632 Investment Records – Individual record of investments bank confirmations, wire transfers, copies of CD’s Four (4) years provided audited   paper &digital    
635 Student Activity Funds – Student activity funds, pay in forms, bank deposit forms and receipts confirming deposits made into student activity accounts Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
636 Check Registers – Lists of checks issued by the Center Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
637 Deposit Slips/Cash Proofs – Receipts for deposit slips Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
638 Receipt Books – Receipts issued for money received. Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
640 Monthly Financial Reports – Report generated from the system to report the financial status the Center prepared on a monthly basis Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
641 Accounting Data – Documentation of bids supplied by vendors for any project requesting bids in compliance with ORC Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
642 Service Contracts –  Contracts for services provided from an outside education Four (4) years provided audited   paper &digital    
644 Delivery/Packing Slips One (1) year provided audited paper    
646 Non-Sufficient Fund Checks Documentation & Notifications Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
  Payroll Related Records        
701 Salary Continuation Agreement – Agreement stating full or partial compensation during the period of disability Seven (7) years  paper &digital    
702 Payroll Ledgers – Record of gross to net calculations by employee Seventy-five (75) years  paper &digital    
703 Earning Registers – Record of gross to net calculations by employee and by calendar year Seventy-five (75) years   paper &digital    
704 Monthly Payroll Reports – A record of leave usage and accumulation by employee as well as retirement contributions by employee Seventy-five (75) years   paper &digital    
705 Bureau of Employment Service Quarterly Reports – OBES reports (quarterly earnings and record of weeks worked by employee) Seven (7) years   paper &digital    
706 W-2’s and W-4’s – Employer’s copy of calendar year record of taxable earnings, a record of employee federal exemptions Six (6) years and current provided audited  paper &digital    
707 Federal Income Tax – Quarterly and annual record of federal income tax withheld and remitted IRS form 941 Six (6) years and current provided audited   paper &digital    
708 Ohio Income Tax – Monthly and annual record of Ohio Income tax withheld and remitted IT-4 Six (6) years and current provided audited   paper &digital    
709 City Income Tax – Monthly and annual record of municipality income tax withheld and remitted Six (6) years and current provided audited  paper &digital    
711 Payroll Reports – Payroll deduction and distribution reports Four (4) years provided audited   paper &digital    
713 Payroll Calculations – Paper and electronic reports used to balance gross net calculations Four (4) years provided audited  paper &digital    
714 State Teachers System and School Employees Retirement System Waivers – Waiver forms for students and/or jobs not eligible for retirement withholding Permanent  paper &digital    
715 State Employees Retirement System (SERS) – Record of SERS withholdings monthly Four (4) years provided audited  paper &digital    
716 State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) Record of STRS withholdings per pay and annual Four (4) years provided audited  paper &digital    
717 Annuity Reports Four (4) years provided audited  paper &digital    
718 Benefit Folders/Reports – Listing of employee’s benefit enrollments Four (4) years provided audited  paper &digital    
720 Deduction Reports – Voluntary payroll deductions per pay that include all deduction withholdings for each employee Four (4) years provided audited paper    
722 Time Sheets – Record of hours worked Six (6) years provided audited  paper    
723 Overtime Authorization Six (6) years paper    
724 Employee Insurance Bills – Monthly reconciliation of employee medical, dental and life insurance bills Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
725 Paycheck Register – Listing of checks issued each pay Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
726 Payroll Bank Statement – Includes bank statements and reconciliation Four (4) years provided audited   paper &digital    
727 Deduction Authorization – Forms to withhold deductions from an employee’s pay Until superseded or employee terminates  paper &digital    
728 Court Ordered Garnishments Four (4) years after cause fully paid  paper &digital    
801 State Audit s /GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Reports– Annual financial audit reports Five (5) years   paper &digital    
808 Civil Rights Reports – U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Data Collection and any past reports Permanent   paper &digital        x
809 Title IX Reports – Includes any required reporting as requested by state or federal agencies Ten (10) years  paper &digital        x
810 State Minimum Standards – A record of minimum standards given to the Center by the State Department Ten (10) years   paper &digital    
811 Personnel State Reports (SF-1, CS-1) Four (4) years provided audited  paper &digital    
812 Worker’s Comp Wage Reports Five (5) years  paper &digital    
813 Worker’s Comp Payroll Reports Five (5) years   paper &digital    
815 Transportation Reports – State transportation reports, T-1 and T-2 Four (4) years provided audited  paper    
816 EMIS Reports Seven (7) years  paper    
  General Records        
901 Directives, Standards, Laws for Local, State, and Federal Governmental Agencies Until Superseded paper    
902 Executive Correspondence – Correspondence of the Center Superintendent and Administrative staff dealing with significant aspects of the administration of the Center.  Includes information concerning agency policies, procedures, program, fiscal and personnel matters. Five (5) years; file with related records if content requires longer retention; appraise for historical value. paper        x
903 General Correspondence – Requests for information pertaining to interpretations and other misc. inquiries; informative – does not attempt to influence policy.  Including copies of outgoing correspondence maintained for reference purposes. Two (2) years  paper    
904 Transient Correspondence/Material– All informal and/or temporary messages and notes, including email and voice mail messages, and all drafts used in the production of public records that do not set policy, establish guidelines or procedures, certify a transaction or become a receipt.  Includes communications which convey information of temporary importance, referral letters, and requests for routine information or publications provided to the public by the Center which are answered by standard form letters Retain until no longer of administrative value, then destroy paper    
905 Copies, Duplicates, Non-Records – Items not included in the scope of official records as defined by ORC 149.011 (G) which may include convenience copies, described as non-official copies of records, used for convenient reference, that duplicate official records kept by the office of record. Until no longer of administrative value  paper    
906 Exposure Reports – Report of contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials Seven (7) years  paper    
907 Incident/Accident Reports – A report of student/employee injuries or accidents including place, time and witnesses Seven (7) years provided no action pending  paper    








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