• Professional Development & Graduate Credit Request Form

    The MRESC is dedicated to helping districts provide high quality professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, and all other personnel. If you would like the ESC to consider providing a professional development program, presentation, or workshop for your district, the county, or region as a whole, please complete and submit this form to the ESC for review and consideration.
  • The following items (if available) will help ensure the ESC develops a proposal that is aligned to the requesting agency’s goals, objectives, and timeline: sample agenda, list of training goals/objectives, agency or firm website (I.E. The Marzano Research Laboratory, International Center for Leadership in Education), name of speaker, preferred format/length of training, ...
  • Attendee Demographics: Please provide the number of estimated attendees from each of the following categories.
  • The following items (if available) will help ensure the ESC does not waste time researching programming options that are out of the reach of the requesting district: estimated budget, minimum/maximum per person fee; travel reimbursement availability and/or restrictions; ability to provide supplies; audio/visual support & equipment; willingness to make copies,