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Mathematics Resources

Mathematics Resources

Here are some links to curriculum resources and information for mathematics teachers. Please take some time to explore the various links to the resources. If you have other helpful links you would like to see added to this page, please contact us.

ODE’s Math Page

This page contains links to the model curriculum resources aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards (Common Core State Standards).  This page contains specific links to the grade specific Math model curricula.

Ohio 2017 Revised Math Standards Documents

Performance Level Descriptors

Statistics Documents

Common Core Math Standards

If you would like to explore the actual common core state standards for Mathematics, this link will navigate to the official common core site.

Unpacking the K-8 Math Standards

The links below go to grade level “Unpacking the Standards” Word documents from North Carolina that contains a break down each standard and clarify key ideas and details.  The documents also include what the students should be able to do for each standard.  Select your grade level link below:

NC Math Resources

The links below go to pages for the respective grade bands that include specific grade level instructional resources for addressing the common core math standards.  Resources include instructional units and assessments.

Math Units from Georgia

This page contains links to specific grade level resources to teach the common core math standards.  Select the grade band below and then the grade level and unit you would like to explore.

ELA Learning Targets

The links below navigate to the curriculum developed by EngageNY.  The links lead to the specific grade level curriculum resources.

Utah Math Resources

Utah is also a Common Core state that has some helpful instructional resources. Here are some direct links to the various resources from Utah.

Emergent Math Curriculum Maps

This site includes curriculum maps for the various grade levels and high school courses that are aligned to the common core math standards. The maps also have links to specific lessons that are focused on problem-based learning. Very helpful resource.

Virtual Nerd

This is a video-based tutorial site for mathematics. You can search for short video tutorials by topic for grade 6-12.

Learn Zillion

This site contains very sound instructional lessons that teach the 2-8 math standards using video and technology. To navigate to your grade level, click the grade level and then the lesson folder under the standard you are looking to teach. This can also be used as a powerful tutorial resource for students who need remediation.

Eureka Math

Eureka math is a complete, free math curriculum aligned to the common core standards for mathematics.  It has been evaluated and rated as one of the top math curriculum by  Below are some great resources that are aligned directly to Eureka math.

Parent Resources – one challenge to Eureka math is that it teaches math differently than most parents learned math.  Therefore, parent resources and help are critical in implementing Eureka math.  Here is a site created by Dave Shellhaas when he was at Piqua City Schools.

Teacher Resources – the links below are to specific grade level resources aligned to Eureka math.


Zearn is a free online math resource that is totally aligned to the modules and lessons in the Eureka math curriculum. It is free but you must sign up and register to get access to the program. This is a powerful online resource. At this point the site only includes resources for grades 2,3, and 4. 5th grade is supposed to be added in the future, so keep checking back.


Desmos can be used on any computer or tablet, completely free of charge, and does not even require a download. It seamlessly creates beautiful visual representations and animations, and it allows users to save and share graphs they’ve created. Desmos makes complex math — whether theoretical or applied — fun, interactive, and accessible.

g(Math) – Google Docs add-on

It’s quick and easy to create equations, graphs, stats displays and math quizzes to insert in Google Docs or Sheets. Now students at all levels – and their teachers – can include mathematical formulas and equations, graphs and statistical displays


A geometry package providing for both graphical and algebraic input. Includes the program and worksheets for download, as well as screenshots. Math Lessons

This site contains lessons aligned directly to specific K-12 common core standards.  Select your grade level or high school standard and then the specific topic.  Each standard will have links to specific lessons alighed to that standard.


This site is a result of a collaborative project of several schools and teachers  in northwest Ohio.  There are collections of great resources for math as well as other subjects.  Click the links below to access specific course units and resources.

Illustrative Mathematics

This rich site has many different instructional resources that can be helpful to teachers.  Click the links below to navigate to the various resources found within the site.

Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)

This site contains rich resources to teach 6-12 mathematics. The resources include lessons/challenges, assessments/tasks, and PD modules.

Inside Mathematics

This site contains many helpful resources for math teachers.  Click the links below to explore the various resources found on this site.

NCTM Illuminations

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a great site with lessons and interactive activities to teach the common core math standards. Click the links below to explore the various resources of the site.

PhET Interactives

This site contains several great interactives that allow students to visually explore various math concepts.

Concord Consortia

This is another site with lessons focused on interactives.  Check it out.

Utah Math Interactives

Utah has a nice collection of math interactives.  Use the links below to explore interactives for the various grade bands.

Math Unit Planning Resources

These are documents that can be helpful as teachers plan math units for their classroom. Check out the various documents to assist with planning a unit of instruction for mathematics.