Session 6: Agile Minds

Agile Mind develops programs, tools, and services that empower educators and learners to do the work of teaching and learning more joyfully and more effectively.  With highly usable digital and print resources for comprehensive curriculum, formative assessment, job-embedded professional support, student practice, and real-time reporting, we help re-envision middle school and high school success in mathematics and science.

Middle School Math

Agile Mind’s middle school mathematics courses transition students from elementary mathematics to increasingly abstract mathematics that demand higher levels of thinking.

CLICK HERE to find more info over the middle school program.

High School Math

Agile minds offers several high school math programs.  Click the links below to learn more about the various high school programs from Agile Minds.

Intensified Mathematics I

Intensified Mathematics I equips teachers with cohesive, targeted resources to help struggling students catch up and succeed in the first course of an integrated mathematics sequence, and beyond.

Intensified Algebra I

Intensified Algebra I equips teachers with cohesive, integrated resources to help struggling students catch up and succeed in algebra and beyond.

Algebra I

Algebra I is a crucial gateway course that puts authoritative resources at teachers’ fingertips and provides a rigorous curriculum that engages, motivates, and lays the foundation for higher mathematics.


Respecting a deeply rooted tradition, Agile Mind Geometry provides students with a first introduction to formal mathematical reasoning, logic, and proof.

Algebra II

Agile Mind Algebra II builds on lessons from Algebra I, expanding the depth of students’ knowledge while introducing new and challenging topics.


Agile Mind Precalculus deepens students’ understanding of the behavior of functional relationships and builds conceptual knowledge and skills essential to success in advanced mathematics and college coursework.

Agile Minds in the Classroom – 9th grade Algebra