Module 3: The Manufacturing Process – Lesson 7: Managing the Assignments, Assessments and Resources for Module 3

This module’s 4 lessons have several resources and assignments included in them.  Some of those assignments are in the course materials, while others are online resource links within the online lesson module.


The powerpoints for this module is on the flash drive you were given.  However, the slide references in this module reference a combined powerpoint from the flash drive.   For this module, use the powerpoint titled “Basic – Module 3 Mfg Processes”.  CLICK HERE to download it.


Many of the handouts can be found in your teacher binder.  There are also PDF versions of the handouts available to download.  There are links to those PDFs within each lesson but also below:

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Characteristics of Effective Team Members

Characteristics of Effective Team Leaders

Behaviors in a Team That…


Team Behavior Assessment

Interpersonal Pattern Exercise

Problem Solving Worksheet

Lesson 3

Production Resource Lesson.pdf

Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Lesson 6

Helpful Hints, Do’s and Don’ts for Resume Construction

Action Verbs

Sample Resume

The “Dreaded” Cover Letter

Helpful Hints About Writing Letters

Sample letters


Online Resources

There are also several online resources for the lessons in the module that are not in the teacher binder or flash drive.  These resources include YouTube videos, web pages, Quizlet resources, etc..

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 3

These YouTube videos introduces these in terms of economics.

Possible Lessons to teach or reinforce this concept:

Lesson 4

YouTube video showing many of the processes –

Production Processes Quizlet –

Lesson 5

Properties Videos

Malleability and Ductility –

Elasticity –

Ductile vs Brittleness –

Hardness –

Thermal conductivity –

Melting point –

Properties of Materials Quizlet –

Optional Lessons:

Lesson 6

Optional Resume Lessons

Writing Good Resume –

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Lessons –

Read, Write, Think Lesson –


You are free to create whatever other assessments you like to evaluate overall student understanding of the content of this module.  You can create online assessments using or