Module 3: The Manufacturing Process – Lesson 3: Managing Production Resources

In this lesson, students will explore and learn about managing the production resources involved in the production processes.  Students will be introduced to the various production resources and learn to appreciate the management role in managing these resources. (Slides 9-17; pgs 185-86 in text)

The resources include:

  1. People – make, share info, pay salaries
  2. Materials – raw ingredients to make
  3. Tools & Equipment – help make products
  4. Production Facilities – place to make
  5. Time – order, make, design
  6. Energy – electricity to run machines, heat, lighting to see
  7. Information – instructions to operate mach.
  8. Capital – money to buy raw materials., pay salaries

Discuss each of these resources and how they must be managed to make the company profitable.

These YouTube videos introduces these in terms of economics.

Possible Lessons to teach or reinforce this concept:

Production Resource Lesson.pdf