Module 3: The Manufacturing Process – Lesson 2: Team Membership

In today’s manufacturing environment, teaming is a critical component in all stages of production.  Workers must be good team players and effective members of the team for the processes to run smoothly and efficiently.  This lesson will address the characteristics of effective team leaders and members.

Distribute and discuss the following handouts: (These are behind the Teaming tab in your teacher binder or can be downloaded by clicking the link for each handout.)


Characteristics of Effective Team Members – CLICK HERE to download

Characteristics of Effective Team Leaders- CLICK HERE to download

Behaviors in a Team That…- CLICK HERE to download

Activity:  EFFECTIVE Team Membership EXERCISE – pg. 3-5- CLICK HERE to download

Assign students into teams and have the students complete the exercise.  Be sure to debrief and discuss the activity after the students complete the exercise.

Wrap Up Activity:  Interpersonal Pattern Exercise (pgs. 3-10,11,12)- CLICK HERE to download

Prep:  Make 3 copies of pg. 3-11 for each student.


  1. Have students do this activity in the groups they were in for the previous activity.
  2. Distribute the three copies of pg. 3-11 to each student.
  3. Have the students complete one of the pages for themselves by checking the 5 verbs that best describes their own behavior when working in a group.
  4. After individuals complete and analyze their own, each student should give a page to two other students in their group. Label the student name being evaluated and the student name doing the evaluation on the top of the page.
  5. Students then check the 5 verbs that describes the person they are evaluating and hands it back to the student they were evaluating.
  6. Once completed, students should then analyze their own evaluation first using the directions on pg. 3-12. This will determine the students interpersonal pattern tendency.
  7. Once they analyze their own tendencies, they should review the other students’ evaluations of their verbs and see if it is consistent with their own evaluation.
  8. Debrief and discuss as a class when completed.

Optional Activity:  Problem Solving Worksheet- CLICK HERE to download

This optional activity can be used to reinforce teaming by assigning teams a problem to solve and have the team work together to create action steps to solve the problem.  You can use any real world problems that students will relate to and ask them to solve them.