Module 3: The Manufacturing Process – Lesson 1 – Stages of Production

Manufacturing requires many stages.  It is important to understand what each stage involves and how it is important to the overall manufacturing process.

Product Design & Development

    • “Idea Stage” (R&D)
    • Prototype (orig., full-scale, operational model, mass produced, cost-effective)
    • Honda R&D video –

Production Planning

  • Identify resources and processes to be used to produce product

Produce the Product

  • Set up, operate, monitor production

Manage the Production Resources

  • People, time, materials, capital…

Control Production

  • Identify/correct problems

Package & Distribute Product

  • Protect/Market product
  • Logistics (shipping/receiving/warehousing)

Continuous Improvement

  • Look for ways to improve processes, reduce waste, and increase production