Module 2 Safety – Lesson 3: Employer and Worker Responsibilities

This lesson covers the safety responsibilities of the employer and worker.  Students should have a clear understanding of their responsibilities as the worker and their employers to maintain a safe working environment.


Employer Responsibilities (slides 20-24 and pages 96-100 in text)

  • Health & Safety Controls
    • -Panic button, alarms on forklifts, exhaust fans
  • Safety & Orientation Training
    • -Plant tours to show location of first aid kits, fire extinguishers
  • Safety Committees & Representatives
  • Safety Inspections
  • Hazard Analysis/Correction
  • Environmental Inspections (ground, air, water)


Worker Responsibilities (slides 25-35, pages 100-123 in text)

  1. Report ALL workplace accidents
  2. Wear ALL PPE’s (personal protective equipment)
    1. -Goggles (eyes)
    2. -Headphones, Earplugs (ears)
    3. -Hard hat, gloves (head, arms, hands)
    4. -Steel-toed boots (feet)
    5. -Respirators (lungs)

Watch the following YouTube either before or after discussing PPE’s.

  1. Cleanup
    1. -Hazardous messes
    2. -Self (safety shower)
  2. Fire Safety
    1. -Use good practices to prevent fires
    2. -Know the classes of fire: A,B,C,D,K (pg. 109, fig. 4-21) Classes of Fire Handout – CLICK HERE to download
    3. -Know how to use fire extinguisher (PASS)
  3. Electrical Safety
    1. -Obey all placards
    2. -Follow workplace procedures
  4. Hand Tool Safety (pgs. 250-255, 260-267)
    1. -Proper use of tools
    2. -Safety procedures
  5. Lockout/Tagout
    1. -Equipment shut down for maintenance
    2. -No energy sources so machine can’t be restarted
    3. -Obtain supervisor’s permission to restart
  6. Ergonomics
    1. -The science of designing and arranging things that people use
    2. Proper lifting techniques


  • Safety procedure
  • Used to prevent machines from starting or releasing energy while being repaired or maintained.
  • Shut down equipment. Isolate it from its power source.  Apply device to prevent accidental startup.
  • Equipment can only be restarted by person who shut it down.


  • The science of designing and arranging things people use.
  • Includes lighting, tools, work stations, movements
  • Prevents injury or fatigue

Resources Activities

Fire Classes Review Quizlet –

Fire Safety and Fire Classes Quizlet –