Module 2 Safety – Lesson 2: Workforce Skill: Communication the Key to Safety

This lesson highlights the workforce skill of communication.  There is a workforce skill focus for most modules to allow students to learn more about a specific workforce skill that is important to develop.  This module’s focus is communication.

Effective communication is essential for all work environments but it is critical to maintain a safe working environment.  This lesson has several activities and exercises to teach this skill.

First go over the 8 communication techniques (handout and powerpoint slides 10-19).  CLICK HERE for a Communication note sheet.

The techniques include:

  1. Clarification (slide 12)
  2. Transitions (slide 13)
  3. Elaboration (slide 14)
  4. Name calling (slide 15)
  5. “You” messages (slide 16)
  6. “I” messages (slide 17)
  7. Support statements (slide 18)
  8. Closure (slide 19)

“I” message Activity

  • Have students complete the activity worksheet ‘“I” Message Formula and “I” Message Proactive Sheet’ activity.  CLICK HERE to download.
  • Discuss and share students answers as a class

Team Communication Exercise

PREP:  Make copies of the shape on the handout either on card stock or heavy paper and put in an envelope.  CLICK HERE to download activity.

  • Complete the exercise as described on the “Project: Communication” handout
  • Debrief with the “Processing” questions.

Non-verbal Activity

Fun YouTube for nonverbal communication –

Distribute the Communication Skills – Body Language (CLICK HERE for the handout) to the students and discuss.

After discussing the good and bad body language, have students do the “Non-verbal Communication Body Language Poll.  CLICK HERE to download it.

Students can do the poll with 3 friends or with their family and bring the poll back the next day to discuss.


Additional and Optional Information and Activities

Communication Lesson and Activities

There are additional communication resources and activities in your teacher binder behind the Communication tab.