Module 1: What is Manufacturing? – Lesson 8: Managing the Assignments, Assessments and Resources for Module 1

The assignments given in this module are suggested assignments to make the learning of the content more active.  Teachers can choose to create alternative or additional assignments for their students.  Likewise, assessments are at the teachers’ discretion.  There are a few suggested assessments listed below, but teachers are encouraged to create their own assessments as well.  It would be good to have intermediate assessments over the course of module 1 and also a culminating assessment at the end.  The main focus is to assess students’ mastery of the learning goals for Module 1.

Print Resources

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Technology Skills Self-Assessment

Lesson 3

“Got Skills? Think Manufacturing.” article

“Got Skills?  Think Manufacturing.” student sheet

Lesson 4


Lesson 5

Work Place Skills Assessment

Lesson 6


Lesson 7