Module 1: What is Manufacturing? – Lesson 7: Roles and Concentrations of Modern Frontline Workers

It is important that students understand the roles of modern workers.  This lesson focuses on the various roles of modern frontline workers in manufacturing.  The lesson also addresses the concentrations of modern workers.

Roles include: (slides 19-26)


  • Computers, robots, other technology
  • Operates, programs, monitors, repairs

Problem solver and decision maker:

  • Decisions made on the spot
  • Problems not taken to management

Idea Person:

  • Contributes ideas
  • Continuous improvement
  • Contribute ideas
  • Safety first

Industry observer:

  • Keeps up with developments in industry
  • What are the new trends?
  • What is the competition doing?

Team Player:

  • Less independent working
  • More coordinating with teams of workers


  • Changes in industry, market ongoing
  • Must be willing to adapt and learn new skills

Six Concentrations of Modern Frontline Workers (slide 28)

  1. Production (setup, operate, monitor equipment)
  2. Mfg. Production Process Development (develop/improve manufacturing process)
  3. Quality Assurance (ensure product made is the product intended to be made)
  4. Health, Safety, & Environmental Control
  5. Installation, Maintenance, & Repair
  6. Logistics & Inventory Control (Shipping/Receiving/Warehousing)

Workers must have a broad range of skills.  Single-task workers becoming less common.

Must be able to work within various concentrations: (Slide 27)

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Assembly
  • Shipping

Assignment:  Complete the Work Place Skills Self-Assessment.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD