Module 1: What is Manufacturing? – Lesson 6: High Performance Manufacturing Workplace

After students understand the characteristics of a high performance worker, they can then learn how the modern manufacturing workplace is actually considered high performance manufacturing.  The teacher should go over the following information.  How the information is instructed can be determined by the teacher.

Here are components of what high performance manufacturing involve:

Higher skilled

  • Rely on high skilled workers at every level
  • All workers – not just managers – make decisions and solve problems

Empowered Workforce

  • Use innovative work practices
  • Apply advanced technologies
  • Safe workplace
  • Continuing education and training
  • Reward and recognize workers

Zero Defect Rate Goal

  • Implementation of Quality practices
  • Quality monitoring continuous

Comparing Manufacturing Yesterday and Today

Yesterday’s Manufacturing-

  • Simple, repetitive tasks
  • Followed orders
  • Took problems to mgr.
  • Worked alone
  • Quality was someone else’s responsibility
  • Manual machines & tools
  • Passive safety role

Today’s Manufacturing-

  • Broader responsibilities
  • Makes decisions
  • More involved in problem solving
  • Works in teams
  • Quality is part of job
  • Advanced tools
  • Active in safety