Module 1: What is Manufacturing? – Lesson 5: Characteristics of High Performance Workers and Their Rewards

Students must understand what the characteristics of a high performance worker include. It is important for students to know what characteristics they need to develop to be a high performance worker themselves.

Student Activity – Exploring High Performance Characteristics (page 34 in text)

This activity can be done in groups or even whole class depending on the access to technology.  Explore the following websites:

Have students record the major characteristics that make up a high performance worker.  Lead a discussion with the class about a self-assessment of their own characteristics and which they need to work on to become a high performing worker.

The main characteristics to focus on include (not a total inclusive list):

  • manage their time
  • complete their workload
  • seek input and feedback
  • self-directed
  • continue to learn new responsibilities
  • eager to handle challenges
  • people-oriented and strong relationship-building skills
  • keeps cool under pressure

Students should also be aware of the rewards and benefits of being a high performance worker.

These rewards include:

  • Chance to build a career
  • More fulfilling work
  • Better working conditions
  • Higher wages