Module 1: What is Manufacturing? – Lesson 1- Overview

Lesson 1: Overview and setting expectations for the course and setting the ground rules.

This teacher training course will help you better understand the scope of this course and expectations for the students as they engage in the course. Understand that the lesson numbers in this instructor support course DOES NOT correspond to lesson numbers in the course teacher binder or course textbook.

Communicate course expectations to students:
• 40 hours of instruction.
• Participation and completion of all course activities and assessments.
• Develop professional behavior and skills necessary for the workforce.
• There is an optional ice breaker activity in the teacher’s guide if you want to begin the course with an introductory activity.

Students will be introduced to and learn about:
• Manufacturing as a career choice
• Importance of computer skills in the workforce
• Sub-industries of manufacturing
• What a high performance workplace and worker is

What you will need as the instructor:
Teacher binder and flash drive from Rhodes. (Powerpoints are accessible with the following link:

Teacher and student textbooks – “The World of Manufacturing”