Lesson 4 – Navigating OhioMeansJobs K-12 Site

Mentor/Volunteer Tasks:

  • Task #1 – Watch the Ohio Means Job (OMJ) Navigation Overview Video
  • Task #2 – Review the OMJ Tour Guide Site and Plan to Share it with Your Students.  The step by step instructions and supports are helpful as students prepare to utilize the site to locate jobs, explore career paths, and access resources to inform their career choices.
  • Task #3 – Plan to work with students to complete at least two activities listed under the student activities section of this lesson.  

 Overview: Students in Ohio should be familiar with the main career site for Ohio residents and students. Watch the 4-minute video below for an overview of the site:

Site Guides & Navigation Supports: The K-12 site has many great features and resources that can be helpful for students in finding information about careers and potential jobs.  Students should navigate to the following URL: https://jobseeker.k-12.ohiomeansjobs.monster.com/seeker.aspx

  • On the first page, students can click the TAKE THE GUIDED TOUR button to allow them to learn how to navigate and use the site.  They should follow the steps outlined on the site to register for an account if they do not have one.  Once they have an account, the students can then explore the other resources on the site and save information in their account “Backpack” so they can access it at any other time.

Student Activities: Some things students should complete (if they have never done so) include:

You can also allow students to explore the other resources found at the Ohio Means Jobs site.  There are many helpful career resources at this site.