Lesson 3 – Other Career Exploration Resources

Overview: Because students may have interests that lead to other careers that are not found in the curricula or on the Ohio Career Pathways site, they may need to explore other sites that have a broader selection of career fields.  Allow students to explore the following sites to find information about a variety of other career fields

The following sites can be explored by students:

Dr. Kit sitehttp://www.drkit.org/careerchoice/

Students can navigate to this site and then click on the various careers under each of the different career fields.  Those links take students to subpages that have videos of students who are in the various careers.


This site has a wealth of resources that students can explore to find out more about a wide range of career fields.  This link will take students to video resources for careers.  They have to click the arrow to the right of the career field to show the drop down of the specific careers under that field.  Students can then explore the specific careers of their choice. You may want encourage students to explore the other resources and links on this site.  The site has a wealth of information.

O•NET Onlinehttps://www.onetonline.org/find/

This site also has a lot of career information for students to explore.  This page is a little more complex and not as user friendly as the other sites, but it does have some good information.  Students will have to select the career field of their choice from the various drop down menus to navigate to specific careers in the specific field.  The results show the potential growth of the career and the overall outlook for the careers.  There is also the projected job openings for each career.