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English Language Arts Resources

English Language Arts Resources

Here are some links to curriculum resources and information for English Language Arts teachers. Please take some time to explore the various links to the resources. If you have other helpful links you would like to see added to this page, please contact us.

ODE’s Language Arts Page

This page contains links to the model curriculum resources aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards (Common Core State Standards).  This page contains specific links to the grade specific ELA model curricula.

Vertical Alignment Documents

Vertical Alignment Documents

Common Core ELA Standards

If you would like to explore the actual common core state standards for ELA, this link will navigate to the official common core site.

AZ Instructional Toolboxes

This page contains links to a multitude of instructional and professional resources compiled by the Arizona Dept. of Education.  Explore all of the resources on this page but pay particular attention to the Lessons/Tasks; Units; Planning Resources; Online-Web Resources section by grade band in the middle of the page.

NC Resources

North Carolina has some great resources for understanding the CCSS for ELA, as well as wonderful instructional resources.  Explore the links below and drill down into each link for grade level specific resources.

Georgia Resources

Georgia also has some wonderful instructional units aligned to the common core ELA standards.  Explore the links below to find instructional resources for your grade level.

K-5 Florida Resources

North Carolina has some great resources for understanding the CCSS for ELA, as well as wonderful instructional resources.  Explore the links below and drill down into each link for grade level specific resources.


This site contains units and lessons aligned to the Common Core ELA standards.  Click the link for the specific grade level resources.

Utah ELA K-5 Resources

Utah has several lessons for each grade level, K-5. They are aligned to Utah’s standards but may be easy to align to CCSS.

ELA Curriculum Planning Documents

Louisiana has a page with various planning documents and resources. Check out this page for downloadable resources that you can use to plan your ELA instruction.

Oregon’s ELA & Literacy Toolkit

This page has some great links to ELA and literacy resources from a variety of sources.

Columbus City Schools Resources

Columbus City Schools have developed some very helpful tools and resources for teachers.  Click the links below to access the specific resources.

This site has great FREE lessons aligned to the ELA Common Core standards. Click your grade level to explore lessons for your grade.


This is a free site of video clips over various topics that can be used to research, find hooks for a lesson, or to develop vocabulary.

This site has tests and games for various grade levels to practice and assess vocabulary skills.

Tween Tribune

This site contains numerous articles over many subjects that can be adapted to different lexile levels. This FREE site allows teachers to assign reading passages and associated assessments to assess comprehension and understanding. The ability to view articles at different text complexity is a great tool to differentiate the reading assignments for your students. Teachers can also set up classes and have students access assignments online and track student data.


This is a great FREE resource for finding a variety of texts that you can filter by grade, theme, genre, device, and standard.  The teacher can also filter by grade and adjust lexile levels.  This is definitely a resource worth exploring!

Purdue OWL Project

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects.

ELA Interactives for grades 3-6

This site is from Utah and contains many fun interactive activities students can engage in while they learn and practice ELA skills.

Read Think Write

This site has a variety of instructional tools and resources for teaching ELA.  There are lessons, interactives and professional resources.

Achieve the Core

This resource contains numerous teacher created lesson that aligh to the common core standards for ELA. Explore the lessons and resources for your grade level.


This is an interactive, video-based vocabulary site that is a cool way of supporting vocabulary instruction.

Learn Zillion

This site contains very sound instructional lessons that teach the 2-12 ELA standards using video and technology. To navigate to your grade level, click the grade level and then the lesson folder under the strand you are looking to teach. This can also be used as a powerful tutorial resource for students who need remediation.


This is great site that provides non-fiction, leveled articles that teachers can assign to students to build reading comprehension.  The site also has the ability to embed assessments into the activities to monitor student progress.  Sign up for the free access to this site.  There is also an elementary version of the site.  Click here for that site.

No Red Ink

This powerful site provides teachers with a platform to help improve their students’ writing and grammar skills in a wonderful engaging way.  Students engage and practice these skills using topics that they are interested in and practice the skills in an online environment.  The site allows teachers to set up classes and track student mastery of skills for individual students.  The site is built on a mastery model, so students are given hints and the opportunity to improve and master the skills as they work on the various assignments.

ReadWorks Digital

This site is the a FREE resource for articles that can be informational and literature based.  The articles can be searched by grade level and subject.  There are also paired text articles and assignments embedded with the articles.  Check it out.

ELA Interactives Collection

This site has a collection of several online, interactive activities for the various topics in ELA.  The intereactives range from ABC’s to rhyming to punctuation.  Explore the various interactives that your students can engage in and enjoy.

Writing Across the Curriculum Info

This site contains several resources for writing across the curriculum in the various subjects.  Check out these great resources for writing.

ELA Learning Targets

The links are to downloadable documents which include learning targets for each grade that align to the ELA standards.  These documents were created by April Wulber.