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Gifted programming varies depending on the district, school size, school resources, and — of course — student needs.  In this module, we explore the different types of grouping for gifted students, the research behind these, and types of programming options available.

At the completion of each module, you will receive a certificate for that module’s contact hours. As in all of these GERRIC Modules, the directions for the Module appear on a single lesson page.  Please scroll down to find the lesson; then, follow the directions on the lesson page to access this module’s content, take the quiz, and receive your certificate!  (Please note that these online modules, adapted for online use by Erica Baer, are intended only for districts contracted for her gifted services.)

60 hours of PD: 60 hours of PD outline

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Dealing with the “5 Overexcitabilities”, click here.

Cluster Grouping in the Classroom: