Fabulous Fridays! – Module 1, articles 1-10

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Welcome to the Fabulous Fridays gifted professional development, Articles 9-36. After completing this course, teachers will have gained 30 hours of gifted professional development. For the 2017-2018 school year, Articles 9-10 will be covered in Module 1.  Click here for the Fabulous Fridays topic outline: Topic Outline Fab Fridays (revised)

Please note: the instructor will be away from email and online learning from 3/24-4/2.  If you need assistance with registration, please utilize the “how-to” videos on the home page.  She will be happy to assist with the online learning modules once we return from break! Thanks!

Please allow one business day for responses to messages/ emails. Thanks!

Directions: 1. One new “Lesson” with a corresponding quiz will appear each week, beginning 11/15.
2. First, click on the Lesson. Then, scroll down, and you will find your quiz.
3. Take these quizzes in sequence. Begin with Article 9 (Grit and Perseverance) and, then to Article 10.  Proceed to Module 2, and work your way through articles 11-20.  Module 3 will contain articles 21-30, and module 4 will contain articles 31-36.

4. A grade of 80% on each article’s quiz will earn a passing grade.

5. After completing all quizzes (9-36) in order by May 31st, you will be able to print your certificate for 30 hours of PD.