Test Preparation #2 – Ohio Test Preparation (American History & Government)


​This site provides a blended learning solution for Ohio teachers and students to master Ohio’s Learning Standards and prepare for state tests.

During the 2017-2018 school-year, Ohio Test Prep will be undergoing a major redesign, with new content added each month.  In this redesign, Ohio Test Prep will now be integrated with some of the best resources on the web for American History and American Government, including Khan Academy, DocsTeach, and Edcite.  The Opportunity School Leadership Team will work to provide mentors, tutors, and volunteers with additional resources as them become available.

Summary of American History & American Government End of Course Exams

These tests are designed to assess student understanding of the learning targets in the social studies standards.

What is the format of the assessment?  

  • You will take the assessment online using a computer with a web browser.
  • The are two parts to the assessment.  Part 1 will have about 12 items worth 20 points. Part 2  is worth 44 points.

What types of questions are on the assessment? 

  • Some questions will be scored by machine, while other questions require human scorers to grade the response by hand.
  • Questions scored by machine include multiple choice, short answer, and graphic-response questions.
  • A graphic-response question requires you to move objects using a computer mouse to answer the question. This type of question may have a map, chart or graph, picture, or a diagram in which you position the objects correctly.
  • Questions scored by hand include short constructed response (2 points) and extended constructed response (4 points).

How can students prepare the assessment?

  • The best way to prepare for the assessment is to be active learner in class throughout the year. Pay attention to the learning targets given by your teacher and make sure you understand the “I can” statements.
  • Use the lessons on Ohio Test Prep to review your learning targets and content.  The directions above explain how to use Ohio Test Prep lessons.
  • Use the state’s AIR Portal to take practice tests using the released test items

For more information about key resources provided through this website and its partners, please click on the topics located below.