Module 1: What is Manufacturing? – Lesson 3: Manufacturing and Why It Is a Good Career Choice

The students must first know what manufacturing is and what it involves.  The  Module 1 powerpoint contains the slides for this information.  The title of the powerpoint is “Basic-Module 1 What is Mfg.”

Allow students to actively explore manufacturing as a career prior to going over the powerpoint.

Assignment:  Students should read an article on manufacturing and answer the questions on the Got Skills?  Think Manufacturing.” sheet  CLICK HERE to download the student sheet.

They can access the article at the link below or CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the article.

Student Assignment: Manufacturing Career Exploratory Notes

Here is the main information that students must learn:

  • Manufacturing is the process of changing raw or processed materials into products people can use. (Slide 2; pg. 25 in text)
  • Manufacturing takes on many different forms, such as: Assembly, Fabrication, Painting & Coating, Processing and more.
  • Expectations of a manufacturing job:
  • Dress code (Slide 4)
  • Know the proper clothing for your workplace
  • Attendance
  • Perfect attendance, barring emergency
  • Advanced notice
  • Behavior
  • Team environment
  • Why a manufacturing is a good career choice: (Slide 6-7; pg. 25 in text)
  • Use mind and hands
  • Work with advanced technology (robotics)
  • Lots of job possibilities (> areas of mfg.)
  • Opportunity for high wages
  • Opportunity for job advancement
  • Education/Tuition reimbursement
  • Creativity to produce products.
  • Many types of companies to work for
  • Large/small companies
  • Public/private companies
  • There are many types of manufacturing

Student Assignment:  Career Goals

Students should use the information they learned in this lesson to determine what career goals they have and why manufacturing should be considered as a career choice.  They can use the information they learned from the “Got Skills?  Think Manufacturing.” activity.