Lesson 2 – Exploring Careers with Ohio Career Pathways site

Overview: After students have an idea of several careers they may be interested in as a result of interest surveys discussed in Lesson 1, students can explore more about what those careers involve. To support this task, the Midwest Regional ESC has developed a site to provide students and parents with career information.  The site is www.ohiocareerpathways.com.

This site provides career pathway information and videos of a few specific career fields.  These career fields include Manufacturing, Construction and Skilled Trades, Healthcare, and Education.  If the students’ interest surveys result in any of these career areas, students should explore the resources on this site to find out more about the various careers available in these various career fields.

Mentor/Volunteer Tasks:

  • Review Topic #1 – Financial Future & Budget Calculator
  • Review Topic #2 – Explore Career Pathways Site (Browse Career Videos)
  • Provide students with the URL address – https://www.ohiocareerpathways.com/

If students’ survey results reveal a different career field than the four fields on this site, direct students to the other career exploration sites in Lesson #3.

Questions?  Contact the Opportunity School Leadership Team.  Your efforts are appreciated.