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Erica Baer

Director of Student Achievement & Gifted Learning

Erica brings a wide range of experiences and perspectives to our team. After graduating with honors from The Ohio State University with both a Bachelor’s in English (French minor) and her Master’s in Education focused on integrated, cross-curricular, multi-ability teaching (elementary, 1-8), Erica’s 19 years in education span grades 3-12 (with over 14 years at the high school level). During those teaching assignments, Erica created the curriculum for each of the courses taught, whether focused on honors, “college prep”, or modifying the work for students with special needs and/ or twice exceptionalities.

Passionate about learning, travel, and positive change, Erica frequently particpates in service opportunities both nationally and internationally, including week-long student summer enrichment opportunities for Native American youth and month-long international camps where students from 10 or more countries learn to build friendships and cross cultural barriers.

Erica’s travels to and work with students across cultures and contexts have helped her to understand that, though kids’ situations may differ, at their core, all kids deserve the opportunity to grow, to thrive, and to become their personal best. During her free time, Erica enjoys time with friends and family by hiking or enjoying the great outdoors, listening to or creating music, exploring new cultures, and challenging herself to continue growing in body, mind, and spirit.